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Youth Development through Sport vs. Technology

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The following interesting article we found on physical education teachers discusses how it might be beneficial to get them to start thinking like game developers.

Pill, S. (2014). Game Play: What Does It Mean for Pedagogy to Think Like a Game Developer? Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance; 85 (1). 9-15.

  • Game design has been applied as an analog for course and curriculum design. The article described how sport teachers in physical education can think like a game developer. Thinking like a game developer requires thinking about sport teaching as a carefully designed learner-driven system of interconnected experiences. This aspect of game design emphasizes the value of time spent in the design process (Pill, 2014).
  • Particularly applicable to the teaching of sport in physical education, the internal architecture of digital games (rules, goals, competition, space/environment) guide the design of a learning experience in which players act to solve problems that develop core competencies. Digital game play is governed by constraints just as the play of sport is defined by the constraints that permit, restrict, or eliminate actions from the game to provide internal logic of the play. The learning principles emerging from the cognitive sciences and being used by digital game designers should then be as applicable to sport teaching in physical education as they are to the construction of digital game play (Pill, 2014).
  • Teaching this way in physical education requires recognition that physical education extends beyond learning to move to intellectual aspects related to decision-making. This is a departure from the traditional physical education method and from the variability and critical interpretation of the learning environment toward a nonlinear pedagogy (Pill, 2014).

  • So, it basically comes down to more than us as leaders in recreation in sport just rolling the balls out and letting the kids invent their own games or play dodge ball. We as educators and facilitators need to infiltrate recreation and sport from an intellectual level and deliver sport and recreation on a level that kids understand. This study provides a way of doing that (Pill, 2014).

Other links of interest:

The following video discusses Healthy Active Kids Canada’s position on active video games.

The following video presents an app that was created to help add 10 years to your life.

The following are examples of WII Just Dance games demonstrated in class. Give them a try if you are looking for something fun and active to do during a study break, or if you are stuck in due to the weather. When you open one link there will be numerous other just dance videos suggested on the side, so give them a try as well!

Kungfu Fighting
Barbie Girl
Gangnam Style
Gonna Make You Sweat
Hey Ya

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