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Physical Activity and Positive Youth Development

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As a graduating undergraduate in RSS, an article I would recommend reading is:

Madsen, K. A., Hicks, K. & Thompson, H. (2010). Physical activity and positive youth development: Impact of a school-based program. Journal of School Health, 81, 462-470.

“Physical Activity and Positive Youth Development: Impact of a School-Based Program” is found in the Journal of School Health and was written by Madsen, Hicks and Thompson. I would suggest it for anyone in the BRSS degree program because it examines the benefits of youth programs, sport and recreation from a unique perspective. This article not only discusses  the usual benefits of these programs on overall physical fitness (for example cardiovascular fitness and maintaining a healthy weight), but other benefits on childhood development such as their emotional and cognitive well-being.

This article examined the critical factors associated with youth resiliency including … “social and emotional competencies such as problem-solving skills, relationships with caring adults, and meaningful participation in school” (Madsen, Hicks & Thompson, 2011, p.468). This article shows how important youth participation actually is in sports and recreational programs.

Check out this interesting link:

by Erin Seymour

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