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Sport Participation and Positive Development in Older Persons

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As a graduating undergraduate in RSS, an article I would recommend reading is:

Baker, J., Fraser-Thomas, J., Dionigi, R. A., & Horton, S. (January 01, 2010). Sport participation and positive development in older persons. European Review of Aging and Physical Activity, 7, 1, 3-12.

I chose this article because in our degree most of our time is spent wondering how to ready our youth for life and almost none of it is dedicated towards our elderly population. As our population grows older we must turn our attention towards helping them too, as they are equally important.

This article calls for more research to be done surrounding older persons and the benefits they receive from recreation and sport. The article looks at the models developed for youth and tries to see if they could be modified to fit the needs of older persons. The authors look at the 5 C’s and external and internal assets. They then break down  what sport develops in the older participants. To do this they look at Master athletes and the reasons why they participate. The two key reasons are “I’m out here and I can do this” and “Use it or lose it”.  They touch on the burn out rates and how athletes that think “Use it or lose it” have a higher burn out rate. It then goes into limitations of current knowledge and suggest directions for future research.


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