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Who’s Watching Sport? A Look into the Viewing Demographic of Sport in North America

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As a graduating undergraduate in RSS, an article I would recommend reading is:

Thompson, D. (2014, February 10). Which Sports Have the Whitest/Richest/Oldest Fans? The Atlantic. Retrieved from

This article looks at the demographic breakdown of who is viewing sport in North America. From gender, to age, ethnicity, and income, Thompson breaks down each of the professional sporting organizations in North America and who’s is watching their product. The demand for sport in North America is at an all time high. Thirty-four of the thirty-five most watched TV shows from last fall in the United States were NFL games (Thompson, 2014).

Besides the games being played, there are several aspects of a sports broadcast that appeal to fans. The increased inclusion of modern day technology has made watching sports live an experience like no other. We are getting closer to the feeling of being on the field witnessing the game.  The National Association of Broadcaster’s trade show, held annually,  unveils new technologies in the world of broadcasting. Here’s what’s in store for the future broadcasting of sport.

Sport is becoming more popular in North America and is the focal point of live cable television. But which sports attract which types of demographics? And which sports will become more popular in the future.

If you would like to read this article you can find it here: Which Sports Have the Whitest/Richest/Oldest Fans?

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