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“Does Sport and Recreation need to be altered and revived to keep modern youth active”?

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For my Senior Seminar presentation, I attempted to answer the research question: “Does Sport and Recreation need to be altered and revived to keep modern youth active”?  I am attempting to address the issue of how to approach  modern youth who have been categorized as “disaffected” and have shown a lack of interest in not only sport, but recreation, leisure and general play.

Many children suffer from the lack of interest and imagination through increased stimulation by TV screens, video games and the increasingly time consuming Internet. Modern youth have become more technologically aware and have acquired social media knowledge at a faster pace than the generation before.  Modern youth in middle schools often have their own phones to access any videos or images they can think of during lunches and breaks from class.

In order to deal with this, a variety of new techniques and resources are available   to get modern youth active and to re-spark their interest in Sport and Recreation.  For example, Ultimate Camp Resource is a  website offering a variety of recreational and sport activities that can re-ignite interest in active play.  It takes many fundamental skills of classic Sports and adds a “camp game twist” that also inspires creativity and fun.  It also consists of a variety of “Initiative Games” that help promotes teamwork and group creativity, which can help students participate, now in a larger group and less afraid to join in.

Another resource I have found useful in Physical Education is “Environments for outdoor play: A practical guide to making space for children.” by Theresa Casey, who addresses the social and parental issues that affects the modern habits and attitudes of children today.  The book is cited below and also is available as an e-book on the UNB library.

by Scott Fraser

Casey, T. (2007). Environments for outdoor play: A practical guide to making space for children. London: Paul Chapman

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