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Sport Plan New Brunswick: A Policy Review

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The Sport Plan for New Brunswick was developed in 2008 in collaboration of a Steering Committee, co-chaired by the Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport and Sport New Brunswick. In addition the committee held representatives of the Canadian Sport Center Atlantic, Center for Coaching Education and Recreation New Brunswick.     In 2007 the Steering committee held a brainstorming session to which 30 knowledgeable sport and recreation personnel from around the province attended. The Sport Plan for New Brunswick (2008) was developed off of this brainstorming session and discussed the strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities of sport and recreation in the province and their current direction in the province. This was then presented to the Steering committee and finalized as a publication. In this publication the Sport Plan for New Brunswick (SPNB) advocated for an increased investment in sport as suggested “ the time has passed when organization working in isolation can each command the facilities and human resources to meet the sporting needs and aspirations of the citizens of New Brunswick” (Sport Plan New Brunswick, 2008, p. 3). The plan recognized the need for collaboration as well as the building momentum of sports use, to achieve greater developmental, social and governmental goals.

In addition, the SPNB established a vision and principles for Recreation and Sport New Brunswick to abide by. The vision and principles along with the objectives that the SPNB have established were created based on the Canadian Sport Policy 2002-2012 and the Long Term Athlete Development model. In essence the SPNB plan generated its design based off of the four pillars all Canadian Federal and Provincial/Territorial sport organization agreed upon in 2002. The four pillars consist of the following goals: Enhanced Excellence, Enhanced Participation, Enhanced Capacity and Enhanced Interaction.

Lastly, the SPNB further recommended  further investment by the government of New Brunswick and a need to make a multi year commitment to increases the annual funding to Sport and Recreation. The SPNB proposed the spending of government funding on Sport and Recreation in New Brunswick to be equal to the amount the province spend on healthy care a day, $6 million (Sport Plan New Brunswick, 2008). Furthermore, the SPNB suggest this increase in funding should be phased to increase funding over three years to total the Sports and Recreation Budget to $6 million. In conclusion of this summary, the SPNB advocated the need of a sound sport plan as it has the potential to increase sport participation and excellence, however, it recognized in order to achieve a plan it also requires greater resources that Sport and Recreation New Brunswick are currently operating with.

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