Recreation and Sport Studies

Studying, Experiencing and Facilitating Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport through Wellness and Physical Activity

Discussing ‘Towards a National Recreation Agenda’

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There are a number of issues facing Recreation in Canada including:

  • perception as a “soft service”
  • fragmentation of efforts and resources
  • rising health challenges
  • aging infrastructure
  • moving up$cale
  • demographics shifts
  • climate change

According to Brenda Robertson’s closing remarks at Recreation Rising event in January 2013, “recreation is adrift and rudderless in a sea of possibilities”.

Our 2015 RSS 4092 students were asked:

1) What is the most significant issue?

2) Who is responsible for addressing the issue(s)?

3) What can be done to “fix” the issue(s)?


UNB Faculty of Kinesiology: Bachelor of Recreation & Sports Studies, MBA in Sport & Recreation Management, and Master of Arts in Sport & Recreation Studies

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