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Moral Dilemmas of Participation in Dangerous Leisure Activities

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Risky Leisure <– –> Extreme Sport

Our RSS 4092 undergraduate class discussed dangerous leisure, extreme sport and risk taking from psychological, sociological, philosophical and consumption perspectives. Olivier’s (2006) article challenged perceptions on the philosophical (i.e., MORAL) aspect of such human practices.

What do you think? Does participation in risky leisure activities or extreme sport challenge raise legitimate morality questions?


UNB Faculty of Kinesiology: Bachelor of Recreation & Sports Studies, MBA in Sport & Recreation Management, and Master of Arts in Sport & Recreation Studies

One thought on “Moral Dilemmas of Participation in Dangerous Leisure Activities

  1. With consideration of extreme sports and risky leisure comes quite the ethical dilemma. The question that arises is: should these dangerous pursuits be regulated or prohibited?

    There are compelling arguments that can be made for both sides. Moreover, arguments can be made using different ethical approaches. When evaluating high risk leisure pursuits from the utilitarian perspective one would highlight the consequences. For example, potential effects include individual physical and mental well-being, family well being, health care costs, and promoting spectatorship as opposed to participation. However, prohibiting participation in these activities would fail to recognize an individuals’ moral autonomy and agency. People have the right to choose their leisure pursuits as they please. One could also draw upon the “Greatest Happiness Principle”; would regulating dangerous leisure pursuits prove to result in more people satisfied than displeased? Moreover, would regulating these extreme sports increase the safety? Would increasing the safety then make the pursuit seem less extreme and less appealing?



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