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“New” media and sport


The links between sport and media represent a persistently shifting relationship that has been examined from many perspectives.

Over a relatively short period of time, the speed within which the relationship between sport and “traditional” media (newspapers, radio, and TV) has given way to an increasingly synergistic one involving “new” media has left many wondering: whereto next? In this case, ‘next’ quite possibly refers to changes in “new” media being only weeks or months away as opposed to the decades or generations in traditional media’s operations.

In class, we recently discussed the CBC’s relationship with sport (Scherer & Whitson, 2009). The case study of CBC highlights a relationship between sport and media that has morphed in complex ways, of which calculating the benefits and repercussions remains a work in progress.

CBC logos

One certainty is that CBC and sport have a “new” relationship, the emphasis on “new” referring to the “known unknowns”.

  • What is to be learned from CBC’s management of “new” media and sport?
  • Where is “new” media taking sport?


  • Perhaps even more significantly, are RSS students ready to effectively utilizenew” media in a way that enhances their “hireability”? Their skillset? Their ‘brand’?



UNB Faculty of Kinesiology: Bachelor of Recreation & Sports Studies, MBA in Sport & Recreation Management, and Master of Arts in Sport & Recreation Studies

2 thoughts on ““New” media and sport

  1. I find that I usually only watch CBC lately for Hockey Night in Canada. I will watch the National from time to time but only when I want to hear local news or news from Canada, so I usually watch CNN to get the world news as this includes important Canadian stories. As far as CBC radio goes I would listen to it as a last resort only.


  2. You see under job qualifications more and more that companies want someone with social media experience, not just an understanding of email, Word, and Excel. I include under my resume skills that I have extensive knowledge of social media; I also include my LinkedIn profile address at the top of the page, just under my phone and address. If a potential employer will search me out online, I might as well direct them where I want.


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