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Does stretching prevent injuries?

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As a graduating undergraduate in RSS, an article I would recommend reading is: 441e-81d2-251f74cf78ad

The importance of stretching has been stressed throughout my years as a high level athlete, experiences with strength and conditioning specialists as well as my time during my undergraduate degree. It is commonly understood that stretching can increase flexibility, that different forms of stretching may increase performance and stretching decreases injuries. Management of sports injuries is difficult, time-consuming and expensive, both for the society and individuals. A recent article may shed some light on what form of exercise should be done to prevent sports injuries.

Lauersen et al. (2014) did a systematic review and meta-analysis looking at exercise interventions to prevent sports injuries. They compared the effect of stretching, strength, proprioception and multiple exposure training. After statistical analysis the authors concluded that stretching had no effect on prevention of sports injuries where proprioception, strength and multiple exposure training all increased the prevention of sports injuries. Strength training reduced sports injuries to less than one-third and overuse injuries were halved. The main take away from this article is to be stronger and you will ultimately decrease the likelihood of sustaining an injury.

Berni Williams


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