Recreation and Sport Studies

Studying, Experiencing and Facilitating Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport through Wellness and Physical Activity


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In today’s world, the NCAA is dominating in the sport world. NCAA is known to have three divisions that are divide by talent skills, with number 1 division being the best and 3 being the lowest. Division 1 is known to have the strongest athletes who are in university. Their primary focus is becoming a pro athlete. Within this division they have the most generous scholarships to give out because of the publicity they receive. For division 1 and 2 they’re sponsor by well known businesses, which allow them to have tv networks, radio, newspapers etc. Division 2 is a lower level of competition, of athletes who are not quite division 1 material. Division 3 are for the athletes who are just interested in playing sports. Often, they’re not seen as athletes within their schools because the universities want to make sure they are a student first. With that said, their primary focus are their studies and trying to become better individuals off and on the field.

CIS is known as “where careers come to die”. CIS is not recognize with the same talent as NCAA. Studies have shown, that Canadian university athletes are no where compared to the states. The main reason for this difference is because of the funding opportunities. CIS just does not have the opportunity to bring in as much revue, and therefore not able to fund as many athletes. These athletes who do receive a scholarship, do not have enough to pay for all of their schooling, like the NCAA division 1 & 2 student-athletes

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