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Delivering A COED Program in a University Community

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Hello RSS students and others of interest, thank you for attending our presentation, Colleen and I (Marcus Lees) greatly appreciate the feedback and contribution from our discussion questions. Our topic, Delivery of a COED Sport Program, was based on delivering and promoting the benefits in COED sport at University communities by interviewing participants of a COED Sport league (UNB Varsity Men’s and Women’s Soccer athletes) and Organizational leaders of sport and recreation at the UNB community. This seminar presentation was practical in reviewing the application of programming in sport and is relevant to the wellness stream by improving dimensions of wellness; this attributes to mainly social and mental wellness contributions.

At first, Colleen and I did not know where we would take COED programming at a competitive level but through our qualitative research we developed a mission:

To provide a group of athletes who wish to participate in COED Club soccer at a competitive level of competency strictly for the development of those athletes. The purpose of this program is to select athletes from a variety of backgrounds: alumni, athletes in the community entering their last year of high school, athletes that are cut from varsity selection, and Redshirts. This alternative to the varsity soccer program is to provide a grassroots developmental league to enhance player abilities of aspiring athletes to the gender specific varsity soccer team, improve the abilities and leadership skills of all participants, and to provide a shared experience in developing both genders together. This is a great way to meet people with similar interests and provide opportunities for instruction, competition and social interaction.

So what do you think? Where would a COED program exist; would it be a Club program on campus or a Varsity program?

By Colleen Daly and Marcus Lees

Research Analysis Video Link:

One thought on “Delivering A COED Program in a University Community

  1. I do not think that a COED would not work at a university level, but at the small chance it would work I believe it would have to be at a club level. It works at an intramural level now so there is the chance for it to happen in the future at a more competitive level. It couldn’t work at a varsity level because the skill level is just not the same, I believe that varsity women’s teams are extremely skilled but they wouldn’t have a chance against the male teams at the same sports.


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