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Alcohol sponsorship and sport

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As an undergraduate in RSS, an article I would recommend to future RSS 4092 students is:

Kelly, S., Ireland, M., Alpert, F. & Mangan, J. (2015). Young consumers’ exposure to alcohol sponsorship in sport. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship16(2),83-102.


Throughout this article there are two studies that take place, both having to do with alcohol being targeted towards the younger generations. This article begins talking about how the alcohol industry can be criticized for marketing their product in a way that can increase the consumption among college students, as well as influence binge drinking (Kelly et al., 2015). What follows are the two studies that were conducted. The first study examined the frequency of exposure that individuals have when it comes to alcohol brands, via sport sponsorships. The second study was a little different; it focussed on the role that alcohol companies played when it came to social media. After both studies were finished, and the comparisons were made, the researchers came to the conclusion that there is a need for public policy to monitor the relationship between sport and sponsorship marketing.



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