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Hockey and Newcomers to Canada

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As a graduating undergraduate in RSS, an article I would recommend reading is: 

Hockey is known as Canada’s sporting pastime, so for people moving to Canada, it is not a bad idea to learn about the game. In the article, newcomer to Canada, Gihad is willing to be learn the rules and how to coach hockey for his son. This is not only beneficial to Gihad, it is also beneficial to his son. For example, Gihad states “ I’m not here to close the door on myself and my kids and stay inside, I can do that in Egypt, I don’t have to come here to do that”. With the rising numbers of obese children, Gihad is moving in the right direction to keep his children active in a new country.

Multiculturalism is something that most of us have been exposed to in the past; this article highlights a great case of multiculturism in sport. When he arrived in Canada, Gihad did not have any idea what the game of hockey was about or the rules of the game, but that did not stop him from wanting to learn and give his children the opportunity to take part in the Canadian culture. For the coaches to give Gihad a chance is really positive. Coming from a small town, I would not see insistences like this. I think this is also a great learning experience for the kids as well to see Gihad on the ice learning how to skate and the determination he has to learn the game is setting a good example of the kids.

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