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A sports editor’s vision for the future of football

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As a graduating undergraduate in RSS, an article I would recommend reading is:

We all know that concussions have become a major problem in professional sport but yet there is so much fear about changing the game that we are willing to risk lives and well being for our own entertainment. This article really sheds some light on different ideas that can help change football to make it safer. It will be something that RSS professionals will have to think about if they want to keep the sport, and their athletes alive.
I think that both hockey and football will have to make a change to start protecting their athletes. In my opinion the change has to come from the media. They are the ones that highlight the fights and the hits but yet they are also the ones sharing the stories about how athletes are getting injured and aren’t able to play anymore because of concussions. If they started to focus more of the game and the technical skill rather than the hits and injuries then maybe one day we will be able to have the game the author envisioned.
Personally I loved the controversial topic of taking away some of the padding and helmets to reduce how much an athlete will use their head as a weapon. It is a tough decision though because I think of it like driving a motorcycle. When you take away the protection of the car frame, some people become more cautious because they don’t have the protection, on the other hand you have the reckless people that it doesn’t matter anyway and i think in football it could go either way. Clearly athletes are willing to risk it all for the game.
There is no perfect solution to this problem of concussions and changing sport. It is something that needs to be discussed though, especially with RSS professionals because something will eventually have to change if we want athletes to live. We need to throw ideas out there, as crazy and as controversial as they come so that it gets people talking and makes society more aware of the problem. If we aren’t coming up with new ideas or trying to find a solution then this issue isn’t going to get any better and I think we owe it to the athletes to say that we value their lives over a game.

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