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When Sports and Tech Combine

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After reading this article:, I was inspired to write this post.

As a sports fan and tech junkie, I love the idea of athletes using new forms of technology and opportunities to better themselves.  I have no problems with parents spending this money on their children in order for them to become elite, as this increases the talent pool and entertainment values of the sports I enjoy watching. I am an allegiant hockey fan.  I live and breathe hockey, and it is a focal point in my life.  If the next wave of NHLers use these developing technologies, and the parents develop them as such, we are in for an exciting future of hockey.  I am all aboard athletes using performance enhancing technologies for the entertainment value of sport.  As long as they are using them in a safe and sterile environment as to not affect their future negatively, and if all athletes in the same sport have the same level of access to these technologies (these don’t simply have to be drugs), then I believe a compromise can be found in the hybridization of new technology and sport.  We are constantly faced with new technologies in regards to how we consume sport, new video replays, new cameras, social media integration is all emerging and increasing the demand for sport.  New technologies or ways to develop athletic talent should be allowed in todays modern leagues.

I have linked Professor Andy Miah’s website.  He does a lot of research into the hybridization of human enhancement and sport.  He is very interesting to read.  One of the technologies he discusses are these altitude chambers, which allow those to train at any altitude they wish.

Also, here is an idea of what I mean in regards to new technology in sport.  Is this fair?  Should this be allowed?  I think it absolutely should be allowed.  There would almost never be a “broken play” because of a broken stick, and all players would have easy access to this.

Author: heyjoetodd

22 years old. Philosophy Major with a love of Sports.

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