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The Growing Phenomenon of Fantasy Sports

Thank you everyone for the discussion on Fantasy Sports. Anyone looking for  more information on fantasy sports, we recommend viewing the videos  posted below. The link to the “Fantasy Files” videos is there as well, if you were interested in checking them out.

– Chris Bilensky & Dylan Wright

 ESPN 30 for 30 – Silly Little Game:

This is a documentary done by ESPN that follows Ben Oekren and his group of friends that started the first baseball rotisserie league. Its is a very good documentary that shows the transformation of fantasy sports and how it can grow from a silly little game into an obsession.

Fantasy Sports Trade Association:

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association follows all things fantasy sports. On their website you can view demographic information, conference information, advertising opportunities and news.

The League:

For anyone who is looking for a hilarious television show to watch while learning a little bit about how a fantasy football league works, this is the show for you. The League follows six fantasy football players that go to extreme lengths to win their fantasy league. If you need a break from studying during exam season, I would highly recommend this show. It can be found on Netflix and the link to the first episode is posted above for Youtube.

Jobs in Fantasy Sports:

Here is a link to view current employment opportunities in the fantasy sports industry. Although they are not local, primarily all organizations are looking for applicants with Sports Managment backgrounds.

NFL Fantasy Files:

In 2009, Reebok and the NFL partnered up to promote their fantasy football platform with their “Pick Me” campaign. It was a huge success and since those ads were aired, the amount of fantasy sports players in North America has doubled.